Day 2*

Inspiration for Today:

Today has been an interesting day – full of highs and lows…

Low: getting a parking ticket (because my resident sticker had expired), having to go to City Hall to pay the ticket and get a new parking permit, losing my cell phone in City Hall

Highs: going to my favorite spin class, having a very positive experience at the -City of Boston – parking permit office (the women is reading the same book as me – Little Bee..), helping an old man find the subway (he walked with me for a few blocks), stopping by my friend Amy’s apartment, finding out that City Hall had called my parents house and have found my phone!, going to the airport with my mom — and seeing my nieces!! (and my sister and her husband)


9:30 – Total Body Sculpt

10:30 – Spin with Alexis

= Total Sweaty Mess



whole wheat english muffin
almond butter

Lunch: (not a good one – at Amy’s apartment – stressed out about losing phone)

Diet Ginger Ale

Christmas Tree Cookie

mini-chocolate cupcake

3 stale swedish fish


Left over roasted veggies  – yum!

Veggie Burger


Homemade Peppermint Bark ( yes – I said Homemade Peppermint Bark)



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